(Novoaltaïsk, Altai mountains, Siberia Russia, 1961) 


1976 – 1980 Study at art college Novoaltaïsk

1980 – 1983 Teacher painting at Art College, Siberia

1983 – 1989

Study at I.E Repin Academy, St. Petersburg from Prof. B.S. Ugarov and V.I. Reichet. As only student of the former Sovjet Union she got the highest study allowance (‘Repin’ allowance) during her last 4 years of study. 


Out of all graduates from the High Art Colleges, of at that time 15 Republics of the Sovjet Union, the best works were exposed at the I.E. Repin Academy, St. Petersburg. Natalia Dik received for her painting “Na Onega” (at the sea Onega) the 'Silver Nomination' of the Soviet Ministry of Culture , included allowance for travelling ½ a year throughout Europe.


1989 – 1992 Professional artist working in the studio of Professor B.S. Ugarov at the I.E. Repin Acadamy at St. Petersburg.

2002 Member of the Russian Federation of Artists



Worldwide f.e. in Amerika, Belgium, China, Germany, England, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Kenia, Netherlands, Austria, Russia and Zweden.



2007/8 “Plein Air Festival”, Blaricum (NL) / “1st resp. 2nd price”

2009 “International paintersweek Domburg“ (NL)

2010 “International paintersweek Egmond aan den Hoef“ (NL)

2009/10/11/13/14 “Paintersfestival Noordwijk“ (NL) / “Rembrandt Painting Award 2009”

2009/10/11/12/13/17 “Kunst-10-Daagse”, Bergen (NL)

2011/13/15/17 “Lamu Painters Festival” (Kenia)

2011/13 “Paintersfestival s’Hertogenbosch” (NL)

2010/11 “Art in the Parcs”, Apeldoorn (NL)

2011 “Artists in Residence“, Hotel Spaander, Volendam (NL)

2011/12/15/16/17/18/19 “Katwijk en Plein Air”, Katwijk (NL)

2012/13/14/15 “Glory International Plein-Air Festival”, Bergen at Sea (NL)

2012 “7 Mahlen am Mehr Festival”, Usedom, (BRD)

2012/16 “Artists Award 2012 + 2016” Art In Open Festival, Wexford (IR)

2012 “Akt Plenar”, Groß Dölln (BRD)

2013 “Burgenland im Malerhand”, Seewinkel (Austria)

2014 “Green Noise 2014” Dutch-Russian Art Festival, Plyos (Russia)

“National Portrait Gallery, BP-Award”, London (UK / Edingburgh (Schotland)

2015 “Artist in Residence Price” Vincent’s Dream Festival, Zundert (NL)

2016 “Best new artist” Easton Plein-air Painting Festival, Easton (USA)



Natalia Dik paints layer-over-layer: In light bathing still-lives; landscapes and scenes, but also assignments (usually portraits) in oilpaint and expressionistic realistic style.

Here loose hand of painting is directly recognisable.


IN COLLECTIONS (private owners worldwide and f.e.:


- I.E. Repin Akademy Museum ‘Na Onega’ (at the Onega) 245x125, oil on canvas

- Museum Denmark ‘Portrait’ / oil on canvas

- Museum van Bommel van Dam,

  Venlo (NL) ‘Old man with mushrooms 76x102, oil on canvas

- Katwijks Museum, Katwijk (NL) ‘Girls at the white  wall’ 60x50 / “Interior”40x50, oil on canvas

- Levitan Museum, Plyos (Russia) ‘3 Russian landscapes’, oil on canvas


© Natalia Dik.